Application for The Ngee Ann Kongsi COVID-19 Relief Fund for Teochews

Application Period: 2 November 2020 to 31 December 2021 or till the Relief Fund is fully disbursed, whichever is earlier

Reason for unemployment / salary loss 无收入或收入减少原因:

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Applicant’s NRIC (front and back)
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Applicant’s birth certificate or print-out of ICA profile (for proof of dialect group).
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Retrenchment/termination letter from employer/ CPF statement on employment history/contribution from Jan 2021 to current date / Pay slips from previous job and current job;
雇主签发的裁退信/解雇信/公积金报表,显示自2021年1月至现今的雇佣记录/公积金缴交记录的复印件 / 前期的工资单和最新的工资单;
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Bank statement indicating Name of Bank, Name of Account Holder and Account Number
帐号类别(储蓄/来往)及帐号 .
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